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Affiliations & Collaborations

R31 Studios are proud to collaborate, affiliate and work alongside some of the best brands and products within the cosplay and crafting scene. 

For R31, these are more than just representing a product, but the brand values and what these companies are seeking to achieve within the maker-sphere of cosplay and crafting. 

As a rule, nothing is ever recommended if it isn't something that I would happily recommend to my closest friends and family, or use myself.

This is about sharing the love, representing some awesome brands and recommending incredible products.


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Dremel is the #1 brand in selling rotarytools globally, being the original inventor over 80 years ago. They are THE name in high-speed rotary tool technology, and are taking their esteemed knowledge and quality to create other amazing tools for crafters, DIYers and professionals alike. 

Why Dremel? Aside from the quality and range of products they make, I fully endorse what they stand for: Inspiring makers and facilitating their projects, turning their creative dreams into reality. 


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Polyprops was founded with the soul intention of providing quality goods at low prices and making a positive difference in the cosplay and crafting scene. They continue to innovate with new products and are always seeking to improve existing ones. Their foam is second to none and their service is based on honesty and integrity. 

Why Polyprops? Again, the quality and range of products are awesome, but more importantly is what they stand for: Enabling and supporting makers and crafters with affordable products, looking to make a positive difference in the cosplay and crafting scene, continually seeking to elevate others and thinking about what is best for the community. 

Interested in collaborating with R31 Studios?

I am always interested in working alongside brands and products that I feel I can happily stand alongside, support and recommend not only to crafters globally but to my friends, family and would love to use myself. 

If you are interested in working alongside R31 Studios through brand affiliation or collaboration, and feel we can help each other, then please feel free to get in touch through the form below. 

Why R31 Studios? I like to think that R31 has become a trusted name in being down to earth, honest, helpful and simply wanting to make the cosplay and crafting scene a better place. You can find out more about what drives me in my about section, HERE.

Hey, Thanks for getting in touch!

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