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Meet the 'team'


Steve Pearson

I began this journey back in early 2014 attending MCM Comiccon having been convinced by my new wife that it would be fun. We dressed 'geek-casual' and had a blast and returned with more effort dressing up in 2015. The spark had been lit. Then the impressive builds and cosplays around threw a whole tonne of gasoline on that spark, and R31 Cosplay & Props was born in late 2016. The first build? an original design take on the infamous Dovahkiin using nothing but cardboard, hot glue, acrylics and pva.

2017 saw both a re-brand to R31 Studios and a move across the pond from the UK to New Zealand, along with many other family milestones.

The fire still hasnt gone out and the love of creativity, imagination and making something from nothing still burns deep within. 

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What it's all about


R31 Studios started as just  a place to dump progress photos and share my creations. Something I didnt really focus on, but my love of creating developed to a love of seeing others create, and be proud of what they had made, helping out on various forums and groups and being trusted to give advice when asked which develoepd into the tips & tricks series.

I've always been keen to share the love of my craft with others, not holding back secrets and to show an honest approach to the processes whilst enjoying this hobby. Being candid, I'm not in this for money, fame or anything like that; It's just to help out, share what I know, spread the love and enable crafters new and experienced alike. And inspire others to do the same.


That's why I give out tutorials, tips & tricks and templates for free. Whilst I always actively encourage giving anything a go yourself, sometimes we just need that helping hand first, which is why the majority of templates are for a basebuild to start people off.

I want to see positive change in the cosplay and creative communities where we can learn from each other and actually have fun doing it.

Why R31?


When I was in university I started playing tournament Paintball. Our coach gave us nicknames based on the thing we were worst at. The idea was for us to wear it and own it, to always remember in order to train to get better at it. I'll never forget the lesson.

For me, at that time it was running and shooting left handed, because I couldn't, so whenever I ran left, I would still be holding and shooting with my right hand, making me look like I was running backwards. 

I was allocated the nickname Rewind. 

I generally wasn't very lucky and always clumsy so I chose 31 for my number... the mirror of 13. Why depend on luck when you can create your own by training and practicing what you suck at?

This had essentially become my mantra and it folded well into the cosplay & creative scene. 

It continuously reminds me. There is no talent, only hard work and determination. 

If we want to get better at something we practice, we make mistakes and we learn. But most importantly, we don't stop.

Never Not Be Making. 

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